FIERCE – courageous, brave, bold, daring

FEMININE – in tune, aligned, balance, grace

It’s time, as a woman, to rise!

Introducing the Fierce Feminine Masterclass from Megan Hale on Vimeo.

Soulful Success

Live More, Work Less, Expand, and Thrive

It’s time to start building success that honors your soul, leverages your drive, and creates legacy and abundance with more ease than you ever thought possible.

It’s time to do it on your own terms, in your own way that fuels you, fulfills you, and expands you beyond what you thought possible.

And it’s surely time to use all the tools available to you as a woman to work smarter, not harder because it can be easy, if you let it be.

It all comes back to how you choose to lead.

Welcome to the Fierce Feminine Masterclass,

a leadership course co-created for women, by women to build success that’s sustainable, maintainable, and allows you to thrive.

Because when it comes to building success as a woman, we’re not just talking about numbers and growth.

We’re talking about time freedom, soul freedom, life freedom, and business freedom to build the reality of your choosing filled with purpose and soul, connection and adventure, impact and abundance, and the right to have it all.

I’m Megan Hale, an Enoughness Coach™️ and Fierce Feminine Leadership Mentor who works with women to own their strengths, lead from their soul, and expand into unimaginable, yet totally achievable abundant and aligned success.

Because I know what it’s like for success to feel hard.

  • For it to feel like you work, work, work, and never play
  • To give up so much of your time and energy in the name of a dream
  • Only to feel that maybe the success you dream of isn’t meant for you after all
  • To go back and forth between quitting and staying

And feeling frustrated, embarrassed, guilty and less than when seeing other women’s success secretly wondering, “is that ever going to be me?”

And the truth is… it can be you! If you let it be!

But it takes learning the tools successful women know to build success that’s sustainable.

Because let’s be honest…

You can’t keep doing what you’re doing expecting different results.

If you want success that feels easy, you have to let it be easy.

Which means starting to lead in a different way, a more sustainable way, a way that’s all your own!

The Fierce Feminine Masterclass joins some of the top women entrepreneurs who have created their OWN WAY and are ready to share their wisdom with you.

They’re ready to show you how to create success on your own terms and instead of teaching you a one-size fits all approach – they help you cultivate your own.

It’s time to learn the same tools these successful women have mastered to tune in, expand out, and honor their souls along the way.

Because if you want success that’s sustainable, maintainable, and allows you to thrive…. It’s all about creating alignment from your center that embraces who you are as

Introducing the Co-Creators of the Masterclass, 8 women who have been hand chosen for their authenticity, integrity, leadership, and drive who have created success on their own terms both fiercely and femininely because they know their greatest strengths as women, their best assets as leaders, and have claimed their seat at the table as the powerful CEOs of their lives, their businesses, their souls.

Introducing the Powerful Co-Creators of the Fierce Feminine Masterclass:

Creativity Leadership Experts:

Shari Teigman
Jo Gifford
Authenticity and Whole-Hearted Leadership Experts:

Keri-Anne Livingstone
Megan Hale
Spiritual Leadership Experts:

Hillary Schneider
Shirly Joy Weiss
Business and Mindset Leadership Experts:

Sarah Kaler
Maria Hinton

And together, we’ve created a powerhouse of a course to expand your own leadership in your own way by building success that centers around you vs. the other way around.

What you’ll be learning:

The Foundations

Module 1: Liberating Your Authenticity with Shirly Joy Weiss

+ understanding the blocks that prevent your true self from shining through
+ moving past your current negative views to see yourself as you truly are
+ stepping into your power with steadfast commitment
+ leveraging your authenticity for powerful leadership

Module 2: Leveraging Your Vulnerability with Keri-Anne Livingstone

+ understanding vulnerability and its power in leadership
+ leaning into vulnerability through emotional awareness
+ taking ownership of your imperfections
+ finding your voice and courage to get visible

Module 3: Cultivating Clarity and Conviction with Megan Hale

+ moving past confusion and self-doubt in who you are and what you’re here to do
+ building inner trust and taking action
+ getting visible with your message
+ moving toward embodied leadership for powerful alignment and sustainability

Module 4: Strengths-Based Leadership with Sarah Kaler

+ understanding your unique zone of genius
+ leveraging your strengths for maximum success
+ eliminating energy leaks in your life and business
+ stepping into your CEO role by leading from your strengths

Expansion + Up Leveling

Module 5: Cultivating Creativity and Passion with Shari Teigman

+ identifying your core values and how to express them creatively
+ cultivating your unique leadership style
+ leveraging passion for sustainability and alignment
+ leading from your own archetype

Module 6: Leveraging Your Brilliance for Momentum with Jo Gifford

+ infusing play and pleasure for consistency and creativity
+ utilizing the world around you for inspired ideas and originality
+ creating a love story with your dreams and desires
+ leveraging creative daily habits for sustainable success

Module 7: Cultivating Wealth Consciousness with Maria Hinton

+ understanding your current relationship with money
+ learning the principles of wealth consciousness
+ healing your money story
+ infusing wealth consciousness into your life

Module 8: Manifesting Your Big Vision with Hillary Schneider

+ understanding your role in creating your desires
+ attracting the right people into your life and business with ease
+ utilizing the tools of intention and visualization
+ co-creating with the Universe for maximum expansion

This is for you if you’re ready to

We all know what it’s like to work someone else’s model. We know what it’s like to be misaligned and fatigued, to be in self-doubt and confusion, to wonder if what we want in our hearts is truly a possibility.

And we all have our own journeys of stepping into our leadership as sisters, as women, as friends to start doing things differently…. To start doing them femininely, and finally see the payoff we’ve always wanted – to bring our whole selves to the table and rise!

We invite you to join our sisterhood

as we dive deep into the core components of Fierce Feminine Leadership to be both brave and daring, courageous and vulnerable, and honor yourself above all.

What You Get:

You’ll have access to 8 modules led by each co-creator from her zone of genius as she shares her wisdom of creating sacred, sexy, sustainable success. You’ll be guided through intentional assignments to deepen in your own leadership to create success that’s built around you.

You’ll be joined by a group of other students ready to crack the code on what it means to work smarter, not harder and you’ll have access to this amazing group of Fierce Feminine Leaders for their expertise and their wisdom for less than the price of one.

Together, we’ll explore

All to empower you to lead from your center, take bold action, create the life of your dreams with the business that supports it, and up level into your potential with ease!

Join us for an inside look into some of the most successful businesses built by women who refuse to build a legacy without also building a life, who lead with strength, grace, confidence, and conviction, who honor and know their grander mission, and step forward boldly with inner attunement and outer attainment to create an aligned reality where they really do have it all.

So, are you ready to join us in this revolution?

To lead from YOUR center?

To become a Fierce Feminine Leader?

Are you ready, as a woman, to rise?

Join us NOW in this self-paced course and get immediate access to it’s accompanying Facebook community below!